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Thank You Gift for Families Who Help with Enrollment Growth

September 8, 2014 by Heather Murphy-Garcia

As a thank you to families who refer another family to enroll in ICS, they will receive a $200 in credit.  Through referring families to ICS, it both benefits the educational foundation of the children referred and helps keep ICS moving forward. 

We currently have seats in grades 1-8. The referred family must register their child and be up-to-date with all payments. The first $100 will be credited to our referring family at the end of the first trimester; the balance of $100 will be credited to their account at the end of the second trimester. (A total of $100 credit will be given if the new family enrolls after November 1).

Here are some answers to common questions about ICS:

For a printable sheet to share click here: What does your child’s future hold flyer PreK thru 8th

What does your child’s future hold?

Here are some answers to our most popular questions.  For more information please contact:
Principal Mary Ann Murphy at (213) 382-5931 or principal@ics-la.org.

Q)    What is the difference between sending my child to Immaculate Conception School or a local public or charter school?
A)    There are many differences, including class sizes, safety, academics and more.  However, the greatest difference in sending your child to ICS is in the faith and service focused education they will receive.  We believe educating children means helping them develop as a whole person.  Each day, lessons of God’s love are shared with your child.  We also focus on living our faith through service to others.  Numerous studies, both from secular and faith based organizations show that children who attend Catholic Schools grow into adults who are much happier, successful, open to diverse views and involved in supporting their communities.  Through learning about selfless love and awareness of others, our students gain a greater self awareness as well, and an understanding of what it means to truly succeed in life; Love.

We recently asked our graduating eighth graders, on an anonymous graduation exit survey, if they would recommend Immaculate Conception School. 100% of them said yes. The reasons they cited were the combination of high quality academics, being seen for their greatest potential as leaders, and the overall loving atmosphere at ICS.  In an open-ended question we also asked them what they plan to do in the future.  Their career choices ranged from being doctors to owning business and much more.  In addition, they cited ways to give back, from helping to provide the same quality education they received to children in need, educating people away from prejudice, helping to end human trafficking, pollution and animal cruelty, and sharing the faith they learned. We are so proud of all of our wonderful students and we are grateful that they understand the importance of love.

Q)    What are the academics like at Immaculate Conception School?  
A)    The commitment to excellence and academic advancement is profound.  Every child goes on to attend high school and nearly100% of ICS students advance to Catholic high schools on scholarship.  Tracking of our students also proves over 90% will matriculate to colleges and universities, as compared to 31% of students who attend public schools.   ICS students have attended some of the finest institutions in the country, including UCLA, USC, Brown, NYU, Cornell and LMU.  A quality educational foundation is vital to opening your child’s future to greater opportunities.  

Q)    How much does it cost to send my child to Immaculate Conception School?
A)    We understand that, especially in the current economy, paying for your child’s education can be an overwhelming thought.  Tuition is necessary to fund our school, as we do not receive any funding from the government.  While we do require the same core curriculum as in the public schools, through not relying on government funding, we retain the flexibility to create more diverse classroom lessons aimed at developing critical thinking.  This is also what allows us to keep our faith in God’s love central to our mission and teachings.  However, even at full cost, our tuition costs less than you would pay for daycare: less than one hundred dollars a week. Often times, parents find that they have the funding with a shifting of priorities.  Also, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and because we are called to educate as well as to serve, we are able to provide tuition at a sliding scale for those who qualify.  There is no better gift you can give your child then a solid education founded in God’s love.  This gift will stay with them and will affect their lives now and in the years to come.


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