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Financial Aid

Immaculate Conception School understands the challenges and conditions in today’s difficult economic climate. It is our priority to make sure every angle, option and opportunity is explored to provide the excellent educational experience sought by any family seeking such for a child. Thus, the process of applying for financial aid is one we take personal and professional pride in making sure every qualifying and deserving student obtains the proper support necessary to experience ICS.

Upon submission of the proper financial materials, we will work closely with each family’s budget in determining the levels of support necessary to meet the financial obligation. We work in the spirit of partnership here at ICS, understanding the commitment, sacrifice and dedication exists within the church, parish community, donors, supports, families, alumni and students … all in united spirit in providing the opportunity for academic achievement.

Due to the immense generosity of the Catholic Education Foundation and many others, ICS is grateful to extend exceptional opportunities for financial hardship families. Please contact Principal Heather Murphy-Garcia, 213-382-5931 to learn more about the affordability of an outstanding educational experience at ICS.


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