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The ICS Difference

Academic and Leadership Success:

ICS provides a quality education for  children of all faith backgrounds, founded in the teachings of God’s unconditional love for us all. Students at ICS are empowered to be confident Christian leaders who are college ready and committed to making a difference. Additionally, we are helping to create a pathway out of poverty and a stronger economy for our country.

The commitment to excellence and academic advancement at ICS is profound.  Every child goes on to attend high school and nearly 100% of ICS students advance to Catholic high schools on scholarship.  

For over 30 years, the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF)- which provides over 100 scholarships to our students each year- has been tracking the children for whom they provide funding. They provide scholarships to about 50% of our students, living in households which earn just above the federal poverty level or less, with partial grants.  Based on their findings we know that about 96% of our 8th graders go on to attend college!   Not only are our graduates exceeding local public school statistics, they are also far surpassing our national average* of college attendance as a whole.

ICS is a non-profit organization with a mission  to educate and serve those most in need.  The majority of families we serve cannot afford the tuition necessary to run the school.  If you would like to help sponsor a child, or provide support in another way, please contact us or click on the “Support Us” page.

*Statistics show the US national average of 8th graders who go on to attend college is estimated around 57% (California Department of Education and the National Center for Educational Statistics).  We believe all of our children in the US should have a quality education whether faith based or public and this is something for which we should all strive together.

The Person They Become:

The most important aspect of what our students gain at ICS is development as a whole person.  Each day, our children learn of God’s unconditional love.  We also focus on living our faith through service to others.  Numerous studies, both from secular and faith based organizations, including LMU, Campbell, Greeley & Rossi, Greene and more, show that children who attend Catholic Schools grow into adults who are more likely to give back to their community through volunteering and financial support, more open to diverse views, and more likely to fight for social justice.

Through learning about selfless love and awareness of others, our students gain a greater self awareness as well, and an understanding of what it means to truly succeed in life; Love.  Possessions are fleeting, but an understanding of, and faith in, God’s unconditional love will always be with us.     


Parents Face Many Challenges Today:

  • Our children are more exposed to information than ever before in history.  With the internet we are entering an era of unprecedented freedom in sharing of ideas and connecting to others.  With this increased connectivity, there are great benefits and also great dangers to our children during their developing years.  Hurtful messages and images are all around.  Helping our children navigate through this can seem overwhelming.
  • In the current economy and with the ease of travel, families are moving further and further apart from one another for work.  It is more difficult to raise children without a strong network of friends and family to support you, especially when both parents need to work.
  • Violence in our country seems to be around every corner, affecting even the most innocent. 
  • Feelings of loneliness are common amongst Americans within a culture that promotes one should be able to make it on their own.
  • A sense of entitlement in our society inundates children with pictures of things they “should” want and the idea that money is what will equal happiness and success in life.

So It Leaves Us Asking, What Do We Want for Our Children?

  • We want our children to be a loving part of our country and world, adding to messages of love and hope.  
  • We want our children to be raised in an environment that teaches them to live their faith.  We want our children to feel a true sense of community and grow in God’s love.
  • We want our children to understand that love is stronger than any amount of hate.  We want them to know the great desire God has for them to feel his love and to be with Him in our life everlasting.
  • We want our children to understand that giving is greater than receiving, and that true happiness and success comes from a real and meaningful relationship with God and those in our lives.

Our children grow up so fast and this is the time we have to instill teachings of love into their hearts.  Make an investment now into your child that provides them with a priceless gift for the rest of their lives.

Can I take a tour and learn more about the school?

Absolutely. You are always welcome to come and take a tour and feel the Immaculate Conception School difference first hand. You are also welcome to call and ask any questions you may have. If you would like to schedule a date and time that works for you, please contact us through our schedule a tour page.

All are welcome at ICS!

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