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Principal’s Welcome

It is with great pleasure and humility that I welcome you all as the new principal of Immaculate Conception School.  For over a century, ICS has provided a quality Catholic education to families from all over the city of Los Angeles and has remained steadfast in its mission to develop the potential of young leaders and citizens who wholeheartedly embrace their faith, continually champion their love for learning and constantly renew their appreciation for the world around them. 

Our vision at Immaculate Conception is to nurture every little body, every little mind, and every little soul and motivate them to become the best versions of themselves through a rigorous academic program, supplemented by enrichment opportunities in athletics, art, worship and leadership, as well as other avenues.  Some would say this is ambitious, but it is evident that ICS has long held this legacy for over one hundred years.  As we regroup as a community, and as a world in general, we are in sight of some challenges up ahead.  Our team is committed, however, to overcoming these challenges and coming out stronger than ever, all the while keeping our children safe, engaged, and ready to lead the world they will shortly inherit. 

I feel blessed to be coming into a community so full of heart and promise, and grateful to be given the opportunity to lead it onward.  If you feel and share this enthusiasm, please do not let anything get in the way of pursuing it.  Our schools welcome EVERYBODY, and we strive to make Catholic education accessible to anyone who desires it.  I invite you to schedule a tour with us so that you may see firsthand the magic that is conjured in our classrooms and playgrounds.  

At your service,

Mr. Walter Ortiz


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