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Upper School (Jr. High)

Grades 6-8

The Upper School at Immaculate Conception comprises the typical junior high school grades, 6th-8th.  It represents the ultimate transition from elementary school to high school, initiating the launch of the practice of higher order thinking. 

In this three-year program, students are transformed from scholars into servant leaders, learning to develop and manage the responsibilities and time management of extracurricular activities with the progressively rigorous demands of secondary education, and above all to become role models for their underclassmen.  

At ICS, our Upper School students begin to explore who they are and are supported along their journey by a team of teachers who challenge them to realize their potential. 

Our Junior High grades are departmentalized as follows:

  • English & Language Arts
  • Mathematics & Science
  • Religion & Social Studies

The Upper School classes follow the California Common Core and NGSS standards.

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