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On the western edge of Downtown Los Angeles, adjacent to the Convention Center and L.A. Live, young lives are blossoming. Immaculate Conception School has been a beacon of academic excellence and spirit for over 90 years, providing an outstanding Pre-K through Middle School education. ICS is a private Catholic school welcoming students of all faith traditions. ICS prepares students for life by instilling the tools necessary to advance to high school, college and beyond. The commitment in the 21st Century includes significant improvements in school facilities. ICS boasts a 5,000-square-foot addition with new computer lab, library, Pre-K and Kindergarten space. Introduction of SMART Board technology in the upper grades, greening and beautification of the exterior space and a new playground with outstanding views of the downtown skyline enhance the school’s environment. ICS is a safe, traditional school rapidly embracing community partnerships in step and in unison with the changing, vibrant spirit of the central city.

The administration, faculty and staff of Immaculate Conception School are guided by the principles of Catholic education, a focus on message, community service and worship. The highly educated, dedicated faculty brings 10 Master Degrees to the roster. ICS is boldly extending its school year to meet the national and global academic challenges and competition. Three weeks of instruction were added to the current school year with an additional week to be added next year. The ICS Summer Express Sessions were introduced in 2011 to complement the rigorous ICS curriculum and academic goals.

ICS acknowledges the role of parents as primary educators and first role models in their children’s spiritual and intellectual lives. To this end, ongoing parental support is available. Recognizing the financial hardship in today’s economic climate, ICS works closely with each family’s budget in applying and qualifying for scholarships and other tuition assistance.

The Immaculate Conception School community provides opportunities for students to be people of faith and involved citizens. The educational programs at Immaculate Conception School provide students with the skills to think critically and communicate effectively. Through a faith-centered education, ICS strives to aid students in developing life skills that will enable them to become socially aware and productive citizens who participate in the greater community.

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