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Sponsor a Student

Give the Gift of An Education

The neighborhood surrounding ICS in downtown Los Angeles is one of the poorest in Southern California. While the vast majority of children who attend ICS live in poverty, Immaculate Conception School advances over 90 percent of our students to private secondary schools, and over 90 percent of our graduates find their way to attendance at a university or college. (To put this in perspective the average college attendance in the USA is closer to 40 percent.) The opportunities for, and pathway to, a brighter future begins here for the children we serve. Pre-School through Middle School years at ICS provide a vital, quality education founded in the teachings of God’s love.

For more information, or if you are interested in joining the Empowering Success Circle, please contact Mrs.Betsy Lopez, Front Office by phone at (213) 382-5931, or email at blopez@ics.la.org.  

Consider Joining our Empowering Success Circle and Give the Foundational Gift of Education to a Child in Need

ICS Empowering Success Circle (ESC) Members pledge their academic sponsorship of a child or children in need for a five year period.  Through their commitment of sponsorship it allows the school to more accurately forecast resources available to children and families in need within our community. ICS Empowering Success Circle Members’ academic sponsorship follows the same child and/or children over the five year period.  Twice a year members receive letters from the children so that they can follow their progress and witness the difference they are making in the child’s or children’s lives. Through being an ICS ESC Member you are making a choice to be a part of the child’s journey and providing them with the tools to live more fully, joyfully and to become adults with service, love and peace in their hearts.

Knowledge is liberating, Wisdom is enlightening. You are providing both.

  • The Gift of Perseverance:  A minimum pledge of $1,000 per year for five years, for a total gift of $5,000.

With your gift of Perseverance you will provide a student with a much needed partial scholarship for five years of their education.  Your investment in their future will provide them with the tools needed for life; love and knowledge.  Thank you!

  • The Gift of Faith:  A minimum pledge of $5,000 per year for five years, for a total gift of $25,000.

With your gift of Faith you will provide a student in great need with a full scholarship and/or up to 5 students with much needed partial scholarships for five years.  Your faith in them is a message of love to the child and their family.  Thank you!

  • The Gift of Future:  A minimum pledge of $10,000 per year for five years, for a total gift of $50,000.

With your gift of Future you will provide 2 students in need with full scholarships of a high quality education for five years and/or up to 10 students with partial scholarships while also helping ICS continue to develop and enhance their educational services for all of our children.  Your charity will directly impact the lives of many children and families now and into the future.  Thank you for your legacy of Love!

If you would like to sponsor a child please set up an online pledge payment via our donate now link, or if you prefer to send your gift by mail, please include a note indicating you would like to sponsor a student’s education.  Mrs.Betsy Lopez, will contact you to set up the payments that work best for you and tell you a little about the child or children you will be sponsoring.  Mailed checks may be sent to Immaculate Conception School, Attn: Development, 830 Green Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90017.


Arch Bishop Gomez

"Let’s all work together to grow our Catholic Schools, to expand into new areas where schools are needed, and to raise money we need to give a Catholic Education to every student who wants it."-Archbishop José Gomez

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