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ICS – on the move and in the groove!

January 7, 2013 by Heather Murphy-Garcia

ICS has implemented the Common Core Standards preparing students to be career and college ready for the 21st century, and each class has adopted a college or university this year so seeds of higher education are sown and nurtured at an early age, with certain classes visiting local colleges on field trips this year…Wednesday is Karate Day at ICS.  William Candelario of Renshinkan Karate offers free karate instruction.  Grades PK through 4th have a class period of karate each week and more than 50 students are in the after-school karate program… Fascinating and fun educational and enrichment tours continued at ICS with visits to the L.A. County Fair to learn about agriculture, horticulture and animal science.  The Autry Museum brought history of the West alive, with a special and surprising treat overhead as we witnessed the Space Shuttle being delivered!  A day at the California Science Center provided hands-on experiences with marine life as well as ecology instruction and appreciation for our wonderful but fragile environment on Earth.  The Grammy Museum hosted grades PK through 3rd with museum tours and the Jumpin’Jazz Kids live and interactive program. 


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