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About the New Transitional Kindergarten Program


On August 16, 2016 enthusiastic four year olds, including little Mia, walked through the doors of Immaculate Conception School to begin their academic lives.  These students are the first Transitional Kindergarten class at Immaculate Conception School and we couldn’t be more delighted to offer this new opportunity to our families and their little ones!

“I know now that my daughter is attending Transitional Kindergarten she is more likely to acquire the academic skills, confidence and maturity she will need for kinder[garten] and to succeed in school overall,” said Mia’s mother, Sylvia.

Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is a bridge between preschool and Kindergarten which provides young children with enhanced skills and experiences that boost their abilities for learning and retaining information in Kindergarten.  Research shows that children who attend TK are more likely to acquire the academic skills, confidence and maturity they need to succeed in school long term.  Research also shows that children who participated in high-quality early education programs tended to have higher scores on math and reading achievement tests, greater language abilities, and fewer grade retentions.  In addition, children who attended TK were less likely to need special education intervention, remedial support, and experienced lower dropout rates.

Specifically for our neighbors, an obstacle many parents face with placing their children in a Preschool is the expense.  The majority of those in our community live in poverty and the ability to pay for quality preschool is outside of their reach.  ICS is a nonprofit dedicated to education and service to those in need.  Through providing an affordable option with excellent outcomes to parents and grandparents, new doors of educational opportunity and future success has been opened for them and their children.

“The cost for having my daughter in TK at ICS is very affordable and very much worth it and, when you are building a great educational foundation, it’s priceless,” said Mia’s Mother. “What I am most excited about the TK program in ICS is that in just a few weeks I’m seeing how my daughter has grown.  Mia is learning how to write her name, the alphabet letters, shapes, and also very important is that ICS is teaching her our Catholic faith.”

ICS is very excited to be able to provide this additional educational program to our greater community.  Many of you generously supported the program with gifts and donations, making it possible to launch.  Thank you from all of us, especially on behalf of our students!

With the addition of the TK program, ICS continues its commitment to providing the best educational opportunities available to both current and future students.  Good luck, Class of 2027!!

“Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’” ~ Matthew 19:14

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